---- Testimony of Nalini P Uhrig ---

As a well-coached and well-informed licensed agent and realtor, I opted to list my home in Dayton NJ with Lorraine & Gil Marchany as I was moving to FL and would not be able to fulfill my own needs as an out-of-state agent. I researched many realtors in the neighborhood and chose the Marchany team. My specific criteria for hiring any realtor at all, was the following:
Dedicated to supporting my needs with a strong Fiduciary commitment.
Knowing my neighborhood & evaluating the right price for my home.
Marketing my home well and getting the most offers as rapidly as possible.
Both Lorraine & Gil were residents in my community for 10 years, they were well informed of all that occurred in the past 12 years in my community. They are high achievers, backed by an agency with stellar credentials.

Our home had been well cared for with a wholly owned Solar system and the Marchany team did a thorough job of evaluating the value and pricing of our home. They gave us comprehensive recommendations and we followed their recommendations to a tee. They staged our home, had exceptional pictures, marketed it extensively and had more than 35 showings within the first week of listing my home and brought us two written offers and one verbal offer within 30 days.

If results are what you are after, look no further than the Marchany team. If you have an questions about this testimony or this team, feel free to contact me at

My husband and I had a house that had been up for sale for over a year in the Robbinsville/ Hightstown area. We had previously hired another realtor in the area, and for the entire length of the contract, this other realtor was only able to have three people look at the house with no interest. I went into a home for sale in South Jersey and the realtor was from Prudential. I told her my situation and she said she would find somebody in my area that could help. I was soon contacted by a very friendly Lorraine Marchany and we contracted her and her husband to help us sell our home. We were so impressed with them from day one. They came with real facts and statistics, graphs and information of the area, and the market. They helped us find a price we were comfortable with that was suitable to the market. From that point on, they were completely dedicated to getting our home sold. We had more interested buyers look at the home in the first few weeks than we ever had before. Along the way they helped us to have a reassessment, and have our taxes lowered, which also made the sale more appealing to prospective buyers. If ever I needed help with anything, whether it was cleaning, or them taking the cat while someone came to look at the property, or just a few words of encouragement, they knew what I needed and did it. Even the attorney that she recommended to us was more helpful than we could have anticipated. We sold our home in Hightstown. Lorraine and Gil found for us a beautiful home that we purchased in South Jersey, and it is everything we could have hoped for, and we stayed in our budget range. I know this would not have happened without the professionalism and sheer dedication of Lorraine and Gil. They are great people that we are now pleased to call friends. I would really like to show my appreciation for all the hard work that was put into the sale of our home. My family is so grateful and pleased.
Jenn W

My wife and I met Gil and Lorraine when we decided to move to Washington, DC and needed to rent out our townhouse in Robbinsville (NJ). We listed the rental with another realtor but Gil & Lorraine brought a client of theirs to us. They were different - we noticed that immediately. They were very caring and they represented their client so well, we decided to use them to find us tenants for two other properties we own (a condo - also in Robbinsville - and another condo in Woodbridge).

Now, two years later we are selling the townhouse in Robbinsville and the condo in Woodbridge, and Gil & Lorraine are listing them both. They are also finding us a tenant for the condo in Robbinsville. We don't even need to meet the tenants - that's how much we trust Gil & Lorraine. They are amazing: super responsive, very knowledgeable, and always willing to go above and beyond. This has been such a help, since we were doing all this from nearly four hours away.

If you're keeping track, over the last two years they've found us tenants for three properties and now are selling two of them for us. We were especially impressed with how their team staged our Robbinsville townhouse - it looks better than when we owned it. Oh, and it looks like we're going to get HIGHER than our asking price.

Gil & Lorraine and their assistants are a great team. Use them!!!

Michael G
From start to finish, this team assisted us with every detail and need we had to do a short sale of our home. This included coaching us through the process, strategizing, providing marketing, photographic and pricing expertise and professional staging. They were very thorough in their communications and always available to assist with every questions or concerns. They surpassed our expectations is every area and provided excellent service across the board. We could not have been in better hands or happier with any other service provider. They were the best we have ever experienced and feel that our successful sale was all due to there quality services. If ever in the market again, we will contact them first. 
Pat D 

Gil and Lorraine Marchany helped me when I was searching for a home in NJ and again when I sold it a few years later. In both instances, they provided exceptional client service. They took the time to listen to my needs and delivered accordingly. I always got smart advice from them because they know the local market extremely well. Their insights and advice over the years have been invaluable to me and my wife. I strongly recommend the Marchany Team.

Daniel D

Gil and Lorraine were absolutely THE BEST!!!!!. We were very nervous about our new home purchase and making the right decision. They were so patient with us, answered ALL of our questions and walked us through the entire process step-by-step.

We are so happy in our new home and confident that we made the right decision. We could not have done this without Gil and Lorraine Marchany. We will use them for future purchases and we will recommend them to all of our family and friends.

Gil & Lorraine: the perfect combination for estate purchase! The Marchany Team you can trust!
Pamela M

Gil and Lorraine are very knowledgeable, very responsive and extremely patient.

Their knowledge of the area - especially Middlesex/Mercer counties that we looked at listings in - helps a lot in focusing on the houses that suit your needs.

Initially, Gil and Lorraine spoke to us, gathering "requirements" on what were the important aspects to us - schools, number of bedrooms, townhome/single family etc. - and then arranged for us to see houses based on that.

If we didn't like a house we looked at - they asked "why?". After we gave our feedback each time, they used it to refine the list of houses repeatedly, so that the houses we looked at, were more in line with our expectations.

They were always punctual to appointments to view homes, and were very patient as we went though the process of viewing homes - sometimes repeatedly. They were also flexible when we had to cancel/postpone some appointments - sometimes at very short notice. They were willing to work according to our schedule.

Gil's assessments on property values have been spot-on - as evidenced by the value of the house that we bought, as well as the final selling prices of other houses that we looked at.

They were very prompt in responding to emails/phone calls - and they still are, although we bought our house over a year ago. You need recommendations for lawyers? Mortgage agents? home inspectors? electricians? handymen? roofers? You can count on Gil/Lorraine to help out using their knowledge and contacts - even after the transaction has closed.

Gil and Lorraine were recommended to us by friends who had a positive home-buying experience with them. And our experience too, has been nothing but positive.

Anand P
Lorraine and Gil were wonderful to work with. At our first meeting they came prepared with listings for comparables in the area for both rent and sale. That was a big help in establishing a fair rental amount and deciding not to list the house for sale at that time. In just a week of our first meeting they had shown the house many times and presented several applications complete with credit reports and income verification. In two weeks we had a tenant committed, lease signed, and check in hand. That's impressive. Throughout the process Lorraine and Gil never pressured for a decision and kept showing the house until the lease was signed.

This particular lease is a little more difficult than priors because I will be out of state during the transition between tenants. Lorraine and Gil offered to arrange for the Certificate of Occupancy inspection, provide access to the inspector, and transfer the keys between tenants. That is fantastic service.

It's been a pleasure. Thanks very much. Bill
My wife and I were referred to Lorraine & Gil by my director. They have been his realtors for years. And with their professional help, we just closed on a townhome that my wife and I love so much. When we started searching for the house, Lorraine and Gil spent the first 2 tours with us to carefully study our needs and taste. Then, they made the recommendations customized to our needs. They are so good at this that during our one and half month search (6-7 tours totally), 6 houses made to get on our list. Gilbert is also very good at numbers. When placing the offers, his estimate was very accurate to reflect the true value of the house. Lorraine and Gil not only helped us with purchasing the house, they also built a great relationship with us. After closing on the house, Gil recommended a great local contractor to help us. He also spent hours to explain the details of almost everything that we need to know about a house since this is our first time buying a house. We give the Marchany team a five star review because there are only five stars. I will give them a hundred stars if the system allows. 
Yun L 
 Buying a home is an exciting time, but also a very intricate process involving lots of patience, research, and leg work. The Marchany's are a breath of fresh air when it comes to realtors that actually listen to your goals and preferences when looking for a home. Before Lorraine and Gil, my wife and I had 2 previous realtors that honestly were saying all the right things, but were not actually listening to the things we were looking for in a home. Showing us homes either not in our budget, not with all the eminities we were looking for, or not with the curb appeal we desired.
The Marchany's make the process seem almost effortless. They truly listen to your requests, they are very patient. You never get the feeling that they are rushing you or just pushing you towards something you don't want to just make a sale. They are very family oriented, and treat you you like family, and everything is done with a smile and sincerity. They are very organized, and diligent and most importantly keep you abreast of all things, so you never feel in the dark, and there are no surprises. I honestly can't say enough about the Marchany's. If you are looking for a good team of realtors look no further. The Marchany's are excellent!
Denby G 
Gil & Lorainne are an incredible team and masters of their craft. What makes them so good is not just about how deeply thorough they are on each of the technical aspects listed above but more importantly, how they put your needs above theirs, at all times.

This was best exemplified when Lorainne went out of the way to assuage our concerns about a neighborhood by talking to residents there or when Gil insisted on us screening more houses even when we had begun negotiations on a house - just to be sure we had a back up, while I am certain he could have used the time for other clients.

If you are looking for a realtor, look no further.